Double Figure Pike Delight.

Had a quick trip pike fishing to close out the river fishing season. Fished the River Yeo / Parrett in Somerset.

I used one rod on the bite alarm with a ledgered joey mackerel deadbait whilst I used a second rod with a selection of assorted lures. Didn’t have any interest on the lure rod but had a very tentative take on the deadbait which turned out to be a bit of a beast of a fish. To say my knees were shaking as I netted the fish would be an understatement. It really was a very long fish – sadly a very lean one too and I was truly stunned to see the scales only just nudge down to double figures. If I had been guessing the weight I would have gone a good few pounds higher. I reckon later in the year and better fed, that fish would put considerably more stain on the scales…

Flush with success I persevered a while longer without success before trying a few other spots upstream. I did have a further run, again on mackerel deadbait which I didn’t connect with but after that all was quiet. With my enthusiasm waning, I decided to call it a day handpicked up for the closed season.