Smoothhounds Galore!

Fished out of Minehead with my Father and Brother. Only a short 6 hour trip over the top of the tide but still plenty of time to get in amongst the fish!

The weather was kind to us: sunny, warm and calm to start with although the wind picked up later on.

I had 17-18 smoothhounds and couple of bull huss along with the usual hordes of dogfish. All the hounds were a very good size which made for a cracking day’s fishing. My dad and brother also enjoyed good sport with the hounds and I think we ended the day with around 40 smoothhounds between us.


I fished two uptide rods as usual with crab on one and fish baits on the other. Mainly used peeler crab but switched to hardback crabs once we’d run out of peelers.

A very enjoyable days fishing! Finished the day with aching arms….



Family friendly fishing at the Waie Inn

Summer has well and truly arrived – Hot & Sunny! Took the family up to the Waie Inn near Crediton for a couple of hours of tranquility – picnic and a spot of fishing. Set up the fishing umbrella to give us some shade and set the girls fishing with float fished luncheon meat on the pole.

2018-05-07 Waie Inn 9788

True to form the Waie Inn delivered with numerous small and greedy carp. Bites were very easy to come by on the pole, so much so that we wondered if they would even take our picnic scraps, and went on to catch a carp on a piece of banana which the girls thought was hilarious.

I fly fished briefly with a dog biscuit imitation fly amongst loose fed dog biscuits. Surprisingly the fish were especially wary of floating baits which seemed to be in direct contrast to their apparent kamikaze approach to float fished baits. Whereas in the past we’ve had no trouble tempting carp from here on the fly – this time it took some doing. I switched around flies a bit and landed a few on my own scruffy self tied biscuit fly. However, the shop bought biscuit flies were rejected upon inspection by the fish every time.

2018-05-07 Waie Inn 9791

All in all we had a fun session made all the better by the fantastic weather. Whilst the majority of the fish were on the small side – Izzy did land a 5-6lb fish on the pole which really made her arms ache…