In search of my fishing mojo at Bellbrook Fishery.

I visited Bellbrook Fishery in Devon, with Ben – the first trip for either of us for some time. We were treated to sunny, if very cold conditions and with a gusty easterly wind blowing straight up the valley just to test our casting.

Fly Fishing Bellbrook

This was the first trip for myself in a few months. Now a couple of months without fishing for me is pretty remarkable – the kind of break from fishing that is unheard of.  I can’t remember the time when I’d had that number of months without fishing since being a small kid…. Still, this was my chance to get my fishing mojo back!

We arrived to find we had the place to ourselves and as soon as we started fishing I had two takes from trout which I landed and lost a third fish. It seemed a very promising start! However, that was as good as it got, and I had no more fish and Ben didn’t manage to get off the mark.

It turned out that either we were both unlucky, incompetent or maybe the fishing was just hard. Personally I like to put it down to the fish not being on the feed…. Either way, the conditions were testing when the wind got up and despite going home with a couple of fish, I was left feeling we could’ve done better….. Now where did I put my mojo?