Tube Fly Experiment for Pike Fishing

Popped up to the Tiverton Canal for a spot of fly fishing for pike. Arriving at dawn and with conditions seemingly perfect I had high hopes of a few jacks if nothing else.

Tried various flies over the course of the session but mainly experimented with some new tube flies that I’d tied up after reading various articles on their benefits for pike fishing. Used authentic wire trace which could be treaded down through the tube and looped onto a small stainless steel single hook which allowed the flies to be changed really easily whilst also ensuring the hook was positioned nearer the rear of the fly – always useful for snaring those pike that just nip at the end of a fly.

As it turned out, I only had one take from a small jack before I had to get home to do the usual fatherly duties of chauffeuring the kids around. Still – I liked the tube flies, and their flexibility and generally considered my first experiment with them a success of sorts and worthy of more experimentation.

2017-11-19 Tiverton Fly Fishing Pike