Easter at Luccombes Coarse Fishery

In an effort to break out away from the Easter Eggs and risk of overdosing on chocolate, I dragged the family down to Luccombes Ponds this Easter for a quick fishing fix.

Being a bank holiday weekend, the place was understandably busy and we had to settle for whatever swims were available. I selected a spot next to a reed bed that had quite a bit of fish activity visible, and set up a float rod as well as a fly rod with the intention of switching between the two as the need arouse. The pond was quite shallow, and the spot I fished next to the reeds was only 2 – 3 foot deep. Despite being able to fish only one or two rod lengths out, the proximity of the reed bed would mean I’d have to bully any fish from the start.

I started off with the float rod using luncheon meat hook bait fished on the bottom. Bites were pretty much instant and it wasn’t long before I had the first fish on the bank. This turned out to be a modest sized bream. After this the carp moved in and a steady procession of carp around the 2lb mark came out.

Loose fed dog biscuits with fly fished pellet fly tempted one carp but apart from this solitary fish the others for the day all fell to float fished spam. Looking around at the other anglers on the other ponds and it seemed that floating dog biscuits or bread were the baits of choice which probably accounted for the wariness of the fish when presented with dog biscuits on the surface.

2017-04-17 Luccombes 5273

Amongst the array of carp, I caught a couple of small skimmers and a fish that looked a lot like a large rudd but could possibly have been a hybrid of some description. All in all we had a nice couple of hours with no shortage of fish and fairly decent weather. Certainly beats being at work.