Easy fishing at the Waie Inn.

We had a family day out at the Waie Inn near Crediton today. Easter half term and glorious sunny weather seemed too good to be true. We popped out to the Waie Inn to sample easy fishing alongside pub food.

The pond here is quite small, but is well stocked with fish, making it a perfect place to get the kids catching. In fact it really did prove to be so full of fish that bites are pretty much guaranteed every cast – perfect for the younger members of the family.

We started fishing with Rhianna’s little pole, using maggots for bait and loose feeding small amounts each cast. For the serious angler it’s one of those locations which is just too easy – but for the kids this proved perfect; plenty of ravenously hungry little carp – all a nice size to put up a scrap on light tackle without proving too much of a handful.

Once the thrill of catching the gluttonous carp on pole waned, we switched to the fly rod to get to see the more visual spectacle of watching the fish slurp down the fly.. We used my little #4 rod with a self tied dog biscuit fly and loose fed 3 or 4 dog biscuits each cast. The carp switched to surface feeding immediately and were so numerous they were properly competing with each other for the loose feed.

I did try fishing natural flies, but the fish seemed well and truly conditioned to expect bread or dog biscuits and all ‘natural’ baits were rejected. Nevertheless, the dog biscuits did the trick and really gave the kids the fishing fix we were looking for. Both Rhianna and Isobel got the hang of flicking out the fly for themselves as well as hooking and playing each fish. The fly rod definitely proved to be the favourite method of the day. Not a bad day considering the day ticket only cost £3.50 and the Inn has a fantastic play park for when small people get bored along with the option of a pub lunch and beer to refresh the weary angler.