Foam Beetles for Carp

I managed to pop out for a couple of hours on Monday in the hope of trying for pike on the fly rod but was thwarted by events in the end. The access to the river where I’d hoped to fish was blocked by farmers sorting livestock on the only access path to the fields that led to the river, so I switched to plan B.

Plan B involved a short drive to Newcourt Barton lakes to fly fish for the carp there. Being a weekday I had the place to myself and wasted no time in introducing a few dog biscuits to entice the carp into feeding on the surface. This didn’t take long and it wasn’t too difficult to connect with my first fish. After this the fish became a lot more cagey and steadfastly ignored the imitation dog biscuit fly whilst happily taking all the free offerings.

The fish did seem to be feeding on the surface on the other side of the pond amongst all the floating leaves being shed by the autumn trees so I moved round to investigate. It wasn’t apparent what the fish were feeding on, but I switched to a small black foam beetle fly and was immediately into a fish. A few more followed after that – nothing what you might call large, but fun all the same and satisfying to catch them on a ‘proper’ fly rather than a bait imitation.

Still looking forward to kicking off my pike fly fishing for this year, but it’ll have to wait by the looks of things.