Blackberry Eating Carp

A quick trip to New Court Barton Lakes found me searching through my fly box trying to find something to replicate blackberries when fly fishing.

I fished the 2nd lake, and hadn’t been fishing for long before I realised why I was having no interest on any of my flies – the fish were all tight against the island opposite picking blackberries off the overhanging branches where they touched the water.

No amount of natural flies or even dog biscuit floaters could entice them to look at anything else.

I found a black blob fly in my box, that with a liberal addition of gink floatant just about hung at the surface. The cast to the island wasn’t very far and it was relatively easy to get nice and tight into the overhanging brambles.

The first fish to encounter the blob took it with no hesitation and the ensuing battle finished when I netted a lovely 6lb carp after a very spirited fight.

Full of confidence I now endeavoured to get the fly back in tight under the brambles. Confidence didn’t go that well when paired with dense overhanging brambles and my fly was swiftly swallowed by the undergrowth. This was a bit of a problem as it was the only thing in the fly box that even vaguely resembled a blackberry and no other substitutes seemed to fit the bill – certainly from the fishes point of view. A couple of foam beetles and daddies were inspected if cast near the brambles, but the carp always turned away at the last moment. Did they suspect foul play or was it just because they didn’t look like floating berries? Whatever the reason, that first carp was the only fish of the afternoon.

Oh well, thats fishing – success followed by elation shortly followed by hope then disappointment. Nothing unusual there then.