Black Bream from Beer

Mid September is prime time for black bream in Lyme Bay with the boats usually fully booked up at this time of year. We only had the single trip booked up this year out of Beer, so were desperately keeping fingers crossed for good weather in the lead up to the trip.

Fishing out of Beer is totally dependant on having the correct wind conditions as it needs to be right for the boats to be able to launch off the beach and be recovered back up the steep shingle bank at the end of the day. Thankfully a favourable forecast meant we were able to go, and a gentle northerly breeze on the day made for flat conditions and our hopes were high for a successful days fishing.

Fishing Beer is always enjoyable, and affords the opportunity to fish light tackle in marked contrast to our usual fishing in the Bristol Channel’s vicious tides.

We anchored up and quickly put down ground bait of chopped mackerel and squid. Both Mike and myself as well as the skipper all fished light downtide rods with generally small hooks and a selection of fish and squid baits.

The first bream wasn’t long in coming aboard and after that we had a slow but steady stream of bites and fish throughout the rest of the day. Many were a good size and all fought fantastically on light tackle. I fished the majority of the time with a 6-12lb class boat rod and braid mainline with a 4 or 6oz lead. During slacker periods of tide I even managed to get away with a light spinning rod and fixed spool reel with 2oz lead. That really made for an exciting scrap with a few decent sized bream, the biggest of which was 3lb.

We keep the biggest fish for the pot, but returned all the smaller fish. In total we had over 40 bream between the 3 of us which made for a fun day out. Honours for the biggest bream of the day went to Mike with a 3.5lb fish.

In amongst the bream there were a few dogfish, a bull huss, a couple of nice pollack, some jumbo sized mackerel, several scad, poor cod plus a big tub gurnard for the skipper. I also managed to pull up 3 spider crabs when we had a quiet spell between bites.

Quite a successful trip all round.