Brown Trout at Two Bridges

An amazing meeting of good weather and some free time on Sunday allowed me to get up to Dartmoor to fish the River Dart on the Westcountry Angling Passport scheme. I arrived at Two Bridges late afternoon / early evening and decided that with only a few hours of daylight left I’d fish the section nearest the Inn.

The weather was particularly glorious with sunshine and calm conditions. What a joy to be able to fish in shorts & T-shirt! This was to be the first trip here for a while, and I opted for wellies this time on the basis that the temperature would see me sweating profusely if I wore my neoprene waders… besides, the river Dart here is quite shallow in places and I preferred comfort over fishing convenience on this occasion.

I took along my trusty #4 rod with floating line, and tried a selection of small dry flies. Despite there being quite a lot of insect lift, there weren’t that many fish rising. I had 4 small brown trout and lost another, but only saw one sizeable fish on my wanderings (which I didn’t spot until I’d already spooked it). The end result of my efforts was a thoroughly pleasant evening in idilic surroundings, no other fishermen in sight with the bonus of a few fish. Next time maybe I’ll manage to spot the better fish before I scare them off…

2016-06-05 River Dart 4594