Fly Fishing Teignmouth Estuary

Bank holiday weekend with glorious weather? whats going on with our English seasons? This must be practically unheard of… Anyway, Sunday I’m booked in for a boat trip out of Minehead hopefully after a few smoothhounds so needing a bucket of crabs as bait I headed down to Teignmouth for a short crabbing session. Nothing better than catching fish on free bait.

A few sandeels in a small mesh bag dunked over the edge of the quay near Polly Steps soon resulted in me managing to fill the bucket with hardback shore crabs. Perfect for bait for the smoothhound fishing tomorrow where I’ll be fishing these hardbacks alongside shop bought peeler crab in a comparison test. (For the results of that trip, see here).

After my great success at crab fishing I headed along the Estuary to Flow Point to fish the low water for… well anything that might be around. I took along my #8 fly rod, waders and minimal tackle. Glorious weather and hot sunshine made standing around in a pair of neoprene waders a rather sweaty affair…

2016-05-28 Teignmouth 4457

2016-05-28 Teignmouth 4460

I’ve never fished this far up the Teign Estuary before so this was a bit of an exploratory session more than anything else –  a fish would be a bonus. Chatting to one of the locals on the way down it seemed that small school bass would be the most likely quarry.

I arrived at Flow Point at low water and the current was still flowing outwards. Whilst the pictures make it look pretty tranquil, they are really deceiving, and the water flowing past the marker post was doing so at quite a rate. It was around an hour before the build up of incoming seawater was enough to reverse the flow of water. Rather than wander aimlessly along the shoreline I decided to stand on a point (Flow Point I would guess) that would allow me to cast out into a channel of deeper water and hopefully pick up the fish as they passed through.

I did see a few small school bass but sadly didn’t connect with any. I did struggle with casting the #8 rod given that a tendon in my elbow was seriously hurting – and the casting wasn’t improving matters (Is there a fly fishing equivalent of tennis elbow?). Having said that, I managed ok and did half expect to pull up the odd juvenile bass, but it was not to be. Luckily the weather was kind to me and with hardly any wind I could get a reasonable distance with my casts. I’ll need to seriously up my game if I’m to be able to fish this kind of venue with any amount of wind present. Still, a lovely day to be out and it’s all good experience.

Roll on tomorrow’s boat trip! Bring on the hounds…