Chasing fish on the fly at Roadford Lake

Isobel and myself headed over to Roadford Lake for an afternoon session this weekend. On arrival we were greeted by blustery conditions and should of really turned around and headed home, but I didn’t fancy broaching the subject to my eager 8 year old: and so it was just us out on the windswept lake as every sane angler decided to stay at home. We did manage to find a little shelter under the lee of the far bank but every once in a while the wind would swirl around and disrupt my fun.

We did have a great time motoring around from place to place, and even getting the occasional cast after fish, but unsurprisingly we returned to the jetty without troubling any fish at all. Even the fun of driving the boat around eventually lost it’s novelty to Izzy and then I knew that it was time to head back.


What was very illuminated to me at least was watching back some the video that Isobel had taken during our trip. Lets just say that the reality of watching myself casting didn’t quite match up to how I imagined it might look to anyone looking my way…. Think I need to seriously brush up on my skills, get a lot more practice and on top of that it might just be time to consider taking another fly casting lesson soon – either that or put it all down to the wind….