Wily Carp – Newcourt Barton Ponds

Good Friday saw Rhianna and I heading out to Newcourt Barton ponds for a quick afternoon session fly fishing for the carp there. The rest of the Easter weekends weather forecast was pretty horrible so it was definitely a case of making the most of the time we had. It was bitterly cold and slightly breezy, but dry and sunny at least.

I’ve had success on the fly rod with the carp here before so went straight the fly rod, trying all sorts of ‘natural’ flies, before eventually switching to floating bread flies. The fish showed no interest whatsoever. Even the floating loose fed bread was largely ignored. Maybe it was too early in the season for the fish to be feeding on the surface? whatever the reason, after an hour or two, It was obvious I needed a change of approach to have any hope of landing any fish.

It’s at times like this that the pole and a can of spam comes to the rescue… Bites to float fished spam in the margins were instantaneous, and I put Rhianna to work netting fish straight away. 3 perfectly conditioned carp within the space of 10 minutes, and we decided to call it a day. The fish weren’t big but were very welcome all the same, and we went home satisfied.

Maybe later in the year, we’ll return for a rematch.

2016-03-25 Newcourt Barton 4030


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