South West Fly Fair 2016

I popped down to the “South West Fly Fair” at Roadford Reservoir this morning with the kids in tow. Being only a short drive down the A30 from Exeter there seemed no excuse to miss it.

The place was pretty busy with visitors and exhibitors all braving the chill wind. My utmost respect goes to the guys demonstrating fly casting in the blustery conditions as well as to the Arundel Arms chef who was outside doing a trout cookery demonstration whilst trying to contend with the cold and wind. There was an opportunity to get wet and try float tubing but having the kids with me gave me the perfect excuse to duck out of that one. Inside was a much cosier atmosphere with a good variety of fly tackle, fly tying and wildlife stands along with the inevitably busy bar. Great to see the enthusiasm of everyone there.

The girls were drawn to the tray of river wildlife on one of the stands, stoneflies, shrimps and caddis etc. Fascinating seeing the array of waterlife and how they flitted about. Very educational.