Pole fishing Luccombes Ponds.

Sunday morning saw me heading to a local coarse fishery with Rhianna. We’d rooted out a few worms from the compost heap and found a can of sweetcorn for bait. We were using Rhianna’s little 4m pole so would be fishing the margins for small stuff. No plans or aspirations for anything big, just hoping for plenty of action to keep a 9 year old entertained for a few hours.

Luccombes Perch

Weather was unusually warm for November – very mild, but still grey & calm. We arrived mid afternoon and set up on Ash Pond. We had the place to ourselves which didn’t bode well. Of the 5 ponds, Ash Pond can usually be relied on to produce plenty of small fish, ranging from carp, skimmers, rudd, perch and the occasional tench.

As it turned out, the fishing was hard. the margins were particularly shallow and my memories of fishing these lakes from days gone by, bore little similarity¬†to the reality. No bites at all on sweetcorn which is unusual for a commercial carp fishery such as this and the only fish we caught were small perch that gobbled up the worms eagerly. Better than nothing but it wasn’t exactly the bite a chuck I’d been hoping for.

It wasn’t that long before both our attentions were wandering and the fishing degenerated into a competition to see who could throw the remaining bait and groundbait nearest the float.