Fly Fishing Pike Frenzy

Following on from yesterday’s fun with the lure rod chasing the small jack pike on the Grand Western Canal near Tiverton, I decided to return but armed with the fly rod this time. I’d seen a few nice looking perch on my travels the previous day so decided to see if I could tempt any on the fly.

I took along my Airflow #5-6 rod and matched this with an #8 floating line. This seems quite a mismatch and I was dubious about the wisdom, so had a back up reel in case I needed to switch. The results however were fantastic! Given that the canal is pretty narrow and I was hardly ever casting much line, the overweighted line choice allowed the rod to load and cast properly with such short lengths of line out. The whole set up felt perfect!

The section of canal I’d fished yesterday near Minnow’s Caravan Park is very shallow and crystal clear with a good deal of weed growth so the floating line seemed logical. A sinking leader was more than ample to sink the fly to the required 2 foot depth. I used 3 foot of 20lb fluorocarbon tippet to attached a small fry type fly. Whilst I didn’t want to be using a wire trace for the perch, I wanted something reasonably substantial in case any of the little jack pike intercepted the fly. Judging by the hordes of small pike yesterday on this same section of water this seemed more than likely and I felt confident the Fluorocarbon would be sufficient if this happened given the size of the pike I’d seen yesterday.

I walked and cast my way along the canal, but didn’t see many perch today and those I did were small. Similar to the previous day, the little jack pike were out in numbers and more than happy to have a go. I had a few takes from small jacks as well as a larger 3 – 4lb pike follow the fly in without taking. Whilst no perch wanted to play ball, I did catch 3 small pike on the fly. All small but pretty fish – good fun and quite lively on the #5-6 rod. Strange how a day’s fishing often takes an unexpected twist.

Fly Fishing Pike Tiverton Canal




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