Final Fling of Trout Season on the Rivers

With the end of the season for trout in our local rivers approaching and a couple of tokens for the Westcountry Angling Passport Scheme to use up, I headed up to the River Culm near Hemlock (Beat 4) for a quick after work session. Beat 4 is only 2 tokens which was perfect as that matched up nicely with how many I had left. Glorious weather and an hour and a half to spare before it got dark, I was feeling cautiously optimistic when I did eventually find the venue. Despite having lived in this area for a few years before we moved to Exeter, I still had real trouble finding the token box.

Upon arrival I noticed another chap fishing his way back up to the car. By the time I’d set up my rod, he’d arrived back at the car and was calling it a day. I spoke to him briefly to sound out if he’d had any success (which he hadn’t) and found out that he knew the river pretty well, having fished it on and off for the last 30 years. Apparently his last 6 sessions over the course of September had brought him a grand total of 4 fish – Now while catching vast numbers of fish isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for an enjoyable days fishing this news sent my hopes plummeting. No one likes the prospect of blanking and as most fishing is an exercise in sustaining the optimism that the next cast is going to result in a fish, hearing this news put a bit of a damper on things.

The River Culm on this section is pretty but tiny. Overhanging trees severely limit places to fish, and the fishing was from the bank, with waders not really offering any advantage. The flow was clear and quite fast with shallow sections and a few narrow but very deep areas.

Getting a drag free presentation with the flow proved difficult. I tried dry flies before switching to a nymph under an indicator but had no takes. In fact I saw no sign of any fish whatsoever, resulting in a less than satisfactory end to the river trout season for this year. Not quite how I’d hoped to finish it off. Still, it’s always good to try different venues and all helps to build up experience for the future.