Fly Fishing for Pike on River Avon

The plan for Sunday morning was a trip to the River Avon at Keynsham between Bristol & Bath in pursuit of Pike. It was an early start – I met Jason at the river a little after first light. The change in the seasons was quite apparent and it was the first time this autumn that there’s been proper frost on the grass. Other than the cold, it was sunny and clear and took a while for the sun to get up and warm things up a little.

Like the previous evenings trip to the River Chew, this was to be another quick visit as I had a couple of hours to spare before having to drive over to Cardiff to pick up my wife and her friend and see what kind of state they were in after attending a friend’s hen do. “Two day hangover” is all I’ve got to say on that front…

This was to be my first visit to this stretch of the River Avon so I didn’t really know what to expect. The river looked really, really, pikey! dark mysterious slightly coloured water, nice flow, loads of bankside vegetation and very fishy looking swims. I’d only brought my #8 fly rod with the view to fly fishing for pike, but with hindsight, if I’d known what the venue was like I would of been better off with a lure rod. High banks and abundant trees and vegetation made casting awkward.  Jason had the right idea and had brought his spinning rod.

River Avon

Jason’s decision to take the lure rod proved well founded as he had 2 small pike in the course of the morning whilst I unsurprisingly blanked. A white shad was the down-fall of the pike, one of which took the lure right under the rod tip.

Jason’s had a lot of success this year with the shads, and watching their action from up on the banks, it’s easy to see why they attract pike. The great action combined with the fact you can retrieve them fast, slow, up in the water or down deep really gives you options.

Pike - River Avon

Next time I visit this venue it’ll definitely be with a lure rod and not a fly rod. I think a few shads will be joining me for a swim as well….