Rays at Minehead

Fishing out of Minehead – 20 September. Glorious weather. One of those rare days in the Bristol Channel where it was flat calm with no wind. Lovely fishing conditions.

Mike & myself were both uptiding with 2 rods each as usual. We started out on the sand some way off of Whitemark and were into fish straight away. Catching steadily we stayed where we were for most of the day rather than moving out, further off as the tide dropped.

No smoothhounds around but a fantastic day of catching rays. I had a Blonde Ray (12.5lb) as well as 7 Small-eyed (biggest 11.5lb), 2 congers (25-30lb) and the usual horde of dogfish. Most of the rays came to sandeel whereas the congers were on whole large squid. Whilst I was busy with one of the congers, Mike even had a nice small-eyed ray on my other rod. Glad he was stood near it at the time as it was in danger of being pulled over the side of the boat.!

Using his own rods, Mike had a conger, a nice thornback ray a further small-eyed ray plus the dreaded doggies. Nice weather and plentiful fish. Perfect!

Minehead ray comparison