Rock Fishing at East Prawle

Great weather and favourable tides at the weekend led me to explore some of the rock fishing marks at East Prawle in South Devon. I parked at the National Trust car park at Prawle Point and travelling light with just a rucksack and spinning rod, walked around the coastal path until I found a likely fishing spot at Langerstone Point.

Prawle Point Devon

With calm sea, glorious sunshine and blue skies I was feeling particularly hopeful of a good days fishing. If nothing else, it would be a good opportunity to explore a new area and try out lure fishing for wrasse which I’ve read so much about recently. I’ve usually targeted wrasse with float fishing tackle in the past but trying soft plastics on a light lure rod certainly appealed.

I arrived at low tide just after first light and aimed to fish up to high tide. Starting off with a shallow diving plug, in the hope of an early pollack or bass I hooked into and landed a nice sized garfish on only the second cast. Sadly, despite trying for the next couple of hours I just couldn’t connect with anything else.

A switch to the “Z-man Punch CrawZ” soft plastic lobster type lure brought a change of fortune. I rigged the lures with a cone lead and a worm hook to allow the lure to be fished ‘weedless’, and slowly bumped it back across the bottom with plenty of pauses along the way. I’d switched from fishing the deeper water on the outer side of the point to fishing the rocks facing the shore across a shallow bay. Bites were fairly decisive rattling bites which usually followed by all going heavy and meeting with a great scrap once the fish realised it had been hooked.

None of the wrasse were particularly big but they all fought typically well as wrasse do. I caught five wrasse from the bay before hunger and thirst prompted me to call it a day. I was pleased to have caught wrasse on lures after setting out to do so and really proved to myself that it is a very viable and extremely exciting method of fishing for them.

Wrasse Prawle Point

Wrasse Fishing Devon

Langerstone Point Bay