Return to Two Bridges, Dartmoor.

Following yesterdays success in fishing for the wild brown trout of the West Dart up on Dartmoor, I decided to return and explore a slightly different section of the river. Yesterday I’d fished downstream from the Two Bridges Inn, whereas today I wanted to explore further upstream.

The weather had taken a turn for the worse over night with it being decidedly cooler as well as overcast and drizzly at times. There was very little in the way of rising fish which contrasted quite sharply with the day before. The river was still crystal clear and fast flowing but the fish didn’t seem to be feeding with quite the same vigour. I used the same flies that had been so successful yesterday and did eventually get a reasonable number of takes, but again think it was predominantly from tiny fish as I had real problems actually hooking any.

Eventually one small fish did save the day, but then with the onset of more persistent rain I decided to get back in the car and explore some of the other stretches of water available on the Dartmoor Fishery Permit even if I didn’t go on to fish them. I did have trouble finding some of the sections of water identified on the map that came with the day ticket and will probably need to bring along the OS map next time. Two easy to find locations that I thought looked worth a visit in the near future, were on the East Dart, particularly the sections at Postbridge and Bellever. Just need to find the free time to pay them a visit.

River Dart Two Bridges Brown Trout