Summer Chub from the Jungle

This afternoon saw me and the family up in the Street & Glastonbury area, so it would of been rude to not try to sneak a bit of fishing into the itinerary seeing as we were up near the river Brue in any case.

In the end I managed to get an hours fishing on one of my favourite stretches, albeit with the kids in tow. This time of year the bankside vegetation seems to have gone into overdrive and is a veritable jungle which made for some challenging fishing conditions in places, what with the profusion of lily-pads in the water and the overgrown banks themselves it was not easy.

Chub River Brue

Luck was definitely on my side today however as I quickly found a few large chub amongst the lily pads, and although the first couple I saw weren’t interested, I managed to tempt a cracking fish a little later on. Given that I was using my new #4 rod I had a few heart stopping moments trying to steer the fish though the weed and lily pads. The high banks where I was fishing made landing the fish a little dicey for sure. The end result was a 4lb 6oz chub – my best to date! made even better by having the kids witness it.

River Brue Chub

I moved onto another stretch and fished on for a bit, but with the wind increasing and visibility into the water pretty much non-existent I was now fishing blind. I managed another much smaller but perfectly formed chub before deciding to quit while I was most definitely ahead.

Chub - River Brue

Whilst I finished the short session having my biggest ever Chub it was the number of even larger fish I’d seen and not caught that is so tantalising. Just need to find a free weekend soon to put in a longer, more concerted effort on the Brue!