First visit to Barrow Tanks

Easter bank holiday weekend with good weather and time to kill saw me testing the waters at the Barrow Tanks near Bristol. These three reservoirs managed by Bristol Water are stocked with trout and are reserved for fly fishing, very accessible, reasonably priced and by all accounts quite productive.

I’d never fished this venue before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but was very pleasantly surprised by what we found. Granted, it was great weather with no wind which always helps make an enjoyable day, fish or no fish!

Trout Fishing Barrow tanks

Meeting up with Jason at dawn we crossed over the road to start off fishing reservoirs 1 & 2. There was very little sign of fish on the surface although as the day wore on, there was masses of midges and other insect life around. We saw various other people around the lake catching fish which is always an encouraging sight and helped keep our spirits up throughout the day.

My casting left a lot to be desired to start with but did pick up a bit with practice by the end of the session, although I still felt I was severely lacking distance, which on such large waters as these is probably quite a disadvantage. We tried various flies but not knowing any better, I for one majored on a using a little dry fly with a buzzer fished below, New Zealand style. A few fish-less hours on tanks 1 & 2 and we decided to explore reservoir 3 but with no more success than on the other two.

Neither of us had our casting practice interrupted by fish bothering us at any stage during the day and we had glorious weather in pleasant surroundings so couldn’t really complain about our bank holiday fishing. Maybe next time I’d like to catch one of the pesky trout!

Fly Fishing Barrow Tanks