First Carp of 2015

Haven’t been out for a good few weeks, so decided I really needed to make an effort. Headed out to Newcourt Barton Fishery, near Cullompton to try for the resident carp on the fly rod, despite it being gale force winds and rain. Arrived to find no other anglers were daft enough to brave the weather so I had the pick of the 4 ponds. Fished the 3rd pond, as I know there’s a lot of carp in there with a good few in double figures and hence elected to use my #8 rod in case I got luck enough to connect with one of the bigger residents.

I started out using a deer hair, dog biscuit imitation amongst a few loose fed biscuit offerings. There was no fish sign at all that could be seen amongst the waves on the pond and it wasn’t until I’d been feeding a slow but steady stream of dog biscuits in, that fish started responding on the surface. The fish here are well used to being targeted by anglers during the summer on floating baits so were justifiably cautious. After a few fish had given my fly close inspections and rejected it, my patience was finally rewarded by one finally slurped it down with confidence. It wasn’t the biggest fish in the pond by any means, and was slightly outgunned by the #8 but still very gratefully landed all the same.

With the weather deteriorating and time running out, I switched to a daddy-long-legs fly in an effort to land one on something a little more natural. despite having a couple of takes on the daddy I sadly failed to hook anymore fish but at least went home feeling pleased to have got out even if only for an hour or so.

Role on the summer!

Carp on the fly - Devon