A pike-ish start to 2015

Just a quick update on today’s efforts…. Encouraged by my near misses from the previous trip to the river Culm, but put off of a return there by the recent rain, I headed out to the Grand Western Canal near Tiverton. I knew the ‘Tiverton’ Canal would be crystal clear despite the recent rainfall and with a spare day over this weekend, decided on a dawn start. Perfect conditions – overcast and absolutely still without a breath of wind made for great fly fishing conditions. I started off out on the stretch between the Minnows caravan park and the bridge at Westleigh. The canal there proved to be crystal clear, and very shallow and with no interest from any pike – in fact no signs of fish of any description on the whole stretch.

After an hour or two of no action, a quick drive down to the ‘Greenway’ stretch near Halberton was in order, and again the water there was gin clear and being slightly deeper here I did fancy my chances. The resident jack pike were obliging and I had small jacks attacking the fly in various different swims along the Greenway stretch. Despite the enthusiasm for attacking the fly, none of the little terrors were unlucky enough or big enough to get themselves hooked on the 6 inch roach pattern fly. I did try changing flies to differing patterns as well as smaller flies but none of these could induce a take so I sadly decided to call it a day – I had reached the stage where the cold was getting the better of me anyway.

…maybe next time!

Pike Fly - RoachThey seemed to love this fly – but hooking them was another matter!