Final fling for pike in 2014.

Christmas was great but the days leading up to it brought a lot of rain which precluded fishing for a while. Father Christmas did however bring a nice set of waders and a fly tying vice (many thanks to my wife). With the limited materials to hand I tied what looked to me to be a killer pike fly – professional fly tiers may laugh but I was pretty pleased with my first effort. I went for blue and white to give a different colour option to all the shop bought ones I already have. Variety is the spice of life after all. The main thing I was after was a fly with plenty of movement, which as it turned out, my creation had as I saw first hand on my next fishing trip.

Blue White Pike Fly

After a short spell of dry but bitterly cold weather after all the rain leading up to Christmas, I finally had a chance to get out and try for that fly caught pike that I’ve been so desperate to get before the end of this year. I arrived at the river Culm at dawn and set out to try my luck. The river was reasonably coloured but I thought it worth a go all the same. A few casts later and after pausing to thaw out my fingers it became apparent that it wasn’t just my fingers that were freezing – the wet line coming back through the rod rings was freezing on the rings, which meant I had to stop every few minutes to free the rings of ice. Who said fishing should be easy….

Fly fishing for Pike - icy

I had an enjoyable morning working my way along the river but without much success. I was particularly pleased with my pike fly and how it looked in the water – even more pleased when a pike, probably around 4lb followed it in to my feet. Frustratingly it couldn’t be tempted to bite..  A few casts later a little further down the bank a slightly smaller jack shot out of the backside weed to take the fly – the nice bend in the rod was sadly short-lived before the hook came free. That explosive take that came out of nowhere reminded me so much of many of the pike I’ve caught on lures in the past and certainly reminds me why I love pike fishing so much.

Today’s session has definitely left me more determined than ever to persevere with my efforts to catch that elusive pike on the fly – and on top of that I finished the session feeling a lot better about casting the big pike flies. For now though it’s back to the fly tying vice and dreams of the next trip!

River Culm in Winter