Winter Trout at Hollies

After my recent casting lesson, I was keen to get back out again and put into practice what I’d learnt. A very cold Sunday morning saw me heading out to Hollies Trout Fishery near Dunkeswell for an early start. Arriving just after dawn I decided that as I was likely to be practicing my casting more than anything else, it best to go for the cheapest ticket on offer, which was the half day catch & release option. Having the place to myself was great and it’s always nice to be up at sunrise anyway, even though there was no sign of fish moving. A few experimental casts reminded me of how much practice I still need but with the line unexpectedly tightening on the 4th cast things were looking up. A nice little rainbow trout gave a good account of itself and I have to admit to being relieved once I’d managed to slip the net under it. Always nice to get an early fish on the bank – especially so as it proved I must of been doing something right! This rainbow was probably around 2lb so no monster but it was in great condition and really fought well. It took a black blob fly on a sinking leader, slowly retrieved.

After that my casting went downhill for while, and it took considerable effort to remind myself of everything I’d learnt on the recent lesson. Once I managed to get back in the swing of things, a change to a longer leader and an orange blob resulted in a 2nd fish – slightly smaller but still in great condition. Again, this one fought well for it’s size and left me feeling pretty good about my mornings efforts.

All in all, some useful casting practice, a couple of fish plus more proof that the unlikely looking blobs work! who’d have thought it.. Time to thaw out the fingers!

Rainbow Trout on Blob Fly