Still no Pike?

The title of this post sums up todays efforts pretty well.

I popped down to Exeter Canal for an early morning session with high hopes as ever. Fished nearly down as far as Turf Locks and had the daybreak to myself. Overcast and still conditions, and a crack of dawn start helped raise my optimism. But any early feelings of hope were quickly dispelled when the first of 10 or so canoes came storming down the canal shattering the early morning tranquility. By the time they had all made their 3rd and in some cases 4th pass I decided that maybe Sunday mornings weren’t the best time to fish the venue. After an hour of perseverance I eventually decided I was flogging a dead horse and should leave the canal to the rowing club. Given my usual form with the fly rod I can hardly blame them for the ensuing blank… but it couldn’t of helped all the same. Still, I learnt a valuable lesson which was try to not coincide fishing trips with university rowing club training sessions.

One thing did brighten my day slightly though was the new Fulling Mill wire trace I was using – really supple and flexible. Shame it didn’t get a proper testing. Maybe next time.

Wire Trace - Fly FIshing for Pike