Chasing Shadows

A chance to get out and exercise the casting arm led to me wandering the River Exe at Countess Weir. Anyone who knows the river will probably be aware of the large shoals of mullet that can be seen cruising around the margins and the gravel banks. Time to spare, a fly rod in hand and plenty of feeding fish within casting range – seems too good to be true! To cut a long story short…. unsurprisingly, I blanked. Fly fishing for mullet certainly deserves it’s reputation as a short cut to madness..

All manner of flies were used and every kind of presentation only resulted in the fish ignoring the offerings. The fish certainly seemed to be feeding as they were head down with their noses in the silt & gravel and tails out of the water. Whatever it was they were feeding on I didn’t seem to be able to replicate it.

The one encouraging thing to take from the effort was that whilst the occasional cast was clumsy and resulted in scattering of fish, I did quickly learn to approach and cast to them without spooking them. If only they would of taken the fly… seems to be the story of my fly fishing at present – “if only…”.